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Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

You may have a plan.

But is it a Master Plan? 

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Meet the Founders:

Ricardo Whyte, M.D.

Addiction Psychiatrist

Suranee Waleszonia, Ph.D.  

Clinical Neuropsychologist

The vision of The Master Mind Institute is to revolutionize how mental health is achieved in order to help people live happier, healthier, more purposeful lives!

Awaken Your Inner Master Mind

Products That Support You on Your Journey to Building Resilience and Help You Take Control of Your Life

The Guide

An interactive workbook that will help you learn about The 7 Vitals and how you can make changes in your life now.

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The Book

It's Here! Take a deep dive into The Burn, The 7 Vitals™, and how to set yourself up to create lasting change in your life.

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The Community

Connect with like-minded individuals in a community that supports you on your journey to a more fulfilled life. 

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The Membership

The program designed by mental-health experts  to give you real-life advice on how to reach peak performance.

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Concierge Services

Experience personalized care with discrete Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Psychiatry Services.

Designed specifically for you, these services tailor a path to well-being, optimal performance, and transformation.

Dive into a journey uniquely yours.

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If you are a successful professional, but feel like you've lost control of your life...

We're here for you. 

The 7 Vitals

Learn how to leverage The 7 Vitals to Master your Life

Learn how to make sure your actions align with your higher purpose

Learn how to nurture your relationships and protect your inner circle 

Learn how to strategically use your resources to achieve your goals

Learn how to maximize your time to be more productive without stress

Learn what you could be doing to maintain physical and mental health

Learn how to leverage your path, talent to skill, and impact to achieve true purpose

Learn how to truly rest and re-create in order to build resilience

We've Worked With:

"My newest practice (since your presentation) of actively repeating the inverse of my natural inclination to think about the negative, has already begun to change how I perceive the world."

Melissa Lee

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